Smart Unit the first anti-theft luggage tracker

How does it work

Enjoy your travelling experience by placing the Smart Unit inside your luggage and track its delivery.

pocket option broker The Smart Unit locates your luggage at any time, any place around the world (wherever a cell phone GSM/GPRS network is available).

The device is shut off at check in and self-activates upon landing due to its unique patented sofware.

It connects to the GSM networks through text messaging and also to the blue tooth low energy at no cost to you, within an approx 30 meter range.

It recognizes the networks available and answers location requests when the App is launched. It can send its GPS position on a map to your cell phone.

pocket option legal in india The Smart Unit has a unique anti-theft system it will send an alert signal to your cell phone if the luggage has been opened under the watch mode. It will also alert you if someone picks up your luggage when it is located within the Blue tooth range and breaches the security circle between you and your luggage.


Find your peace of mind throughout your travelling experience




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